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Surpass stakeholders' sustainability expectations

We help you to achieve your company's sustainability potential, and to communicate to inspire others without greenwashing. Let's find out how your company can become more sustainable, or sustainabler as we call it, for real. 

Let the common sense from standards such as ISO, GRI, GHG protocol and various other combinations of the alphabet help you manage sustainability.  We help you navigate and map out the way forward!

Don't push the problems. We help you apply life cycle thinking to ensure you take full accountability across the value chain and can reduce the environmental impact where it matters the most.

Want to position your company through sustainability? We advise on strategy, storytelling and also when we simply think it is a bad idea.



Behind Sustainabler you find me, Johanna Flood. I have a long and broad global experience in sustainability, especially in strategy, sustainability reporting, roadmaps, ISO standards, ratings, and carbon accounting. Full IEMA membership, MIEMA CEnv. 
I spent my early career as a journalist which has made me very sensitive to greenwashing. Background in sustainability communications.

Please visit my LinkedIn profile for more information about my background

Johanna Flood, foto: Jonas Bilberg, Hitachi EnergyJohanna Flood, Foto: Jonas Bilberg Hitachi Energy